Autodesk softimage 7.5

想不到去韓國玩玩回來.出了新版本..算是進入 自動桌之後第一個更新...
一直是XSI 拆UV 的苦手...總羨慕 MAX 那樣好用的拆 UV 工具....
現在終於等到嚕..就不用在去別套軟體拆完UV在匯入 XSI 嚕......


Key New Features in Autodesk Softimage 7.5

UV Unfolding Technology: Softimage now features UV unfolding technology that enables artists to unwrap polygon models with just a few clicks. This technology works well on complex organic models, which would be difficult to unwrap manually. Softimage 7.5 also provides UV editing tools that help artists quickly create and edit UV maps.

mental ray 3.7+: Version 3.7+ of the mental ray renderer is now integrated into Softimage 7.5. Highlights include improvements to binary space partitioning for faster render times, multiple final gathering refinement passes and new motion-based displacement. These enhancements help users create high-fidelity images faster than ever before.

Multithreaded Syflex Cloth Simulator: The production-proven cloth simulator in Softimage is now multithreaded, enabling artists to use the cores on their machine to iterate faster.

Scene Compatibility with Version 7.0: Scenes saved in Softimage 7.5 will load into Softimage 7.0.

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