aaOcean 一個用XSI ICE 來產生的海洋

I'd like to announce the release of aaOcean Suite v0.9a, a set of free ocean wave generator plugins for Softimage. The plugins implement Jerry Tessendorf's (www.tessendorf.org) paper on simulating ocean waves, which has formed the basis of many ocean-based shots in films like X-men and Surf's up. I've implemented the paper as a set of ICE nodes, and a C++ ICE plug-in.

可以算出 Normal map
這還可以在. 浪頂的時候..產生 weight map 可以給材質 或 用來產生分子....有屌...之前我想要自己連連看 . 可是失敗.. .

免費.用 xsi 的快來下