Kristinka Hair 2.0

Short change log for version 2.0


- Fixed issue with 'filler' point cloud, that some strands disappear in rendering, when point positions on filler cloud were too close to guides.
- kH Subdivide Strands is about ten times faster in interaction. Now it uses a different way for curve creation.
- kH Cross Sections is re-written from scratch. Now it will adapt automatically to used NURBS surfaces. Added option for filtering, by using another NURBS surface.
- kH Follow NURBS has a new way for using the alternative strand array. Also, now it's able 'extend' it's influence outside of Y(V) of surface.
- kH Follow Curves is re-written from scratch. Also it has a new interface for connections.
- kH Offset Curves node has a few new options (align profile to tangent, clump effect), also a new interface for connections.
- kH Curls has additional, 'roll' option for rotating a whole deformation, along strand tangent. Also it can invert the basic deformation.
- All emitters have built-in grid type emission. Old, random emission is still available. There is unique interface for both emission types.
- kH Point Color is able to display alpha (transparent strands) in view ports.
- kH Bend is re-written from scratch, now it's possible to use multiple kH Bend nodes, one after another, or together with other modifiers.
- 'Point Dynamics' is simplified, should be much more accurate in conversion from point to strand movement.
- Numerous other improvements.


- kH Strand Tips: combined node for creating random deformations on hair tips.
- kH Splay Fur
- kH Strand Screen Size In SI Units
- kH Follow NURBS m(ultiple)
- kH Stick To Strand Extrusion