100 ICE Compounds

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100 ICE Compounds
100 ICE compounds and XSI scene files for download. here the list of compoundes included.

Build Array from Per Point Data
Build Index Array
Build Linearly Interpolated Array
Find Closest in Array
Get Array Maximum 2
Get Array Minimum 2
Move in Array
Rebuild Array
Reverse Array
Select SubArray in Array

--2D arrays--
Build 2D Array
Calc Sub Array Size
Get 2D Array Size
Get 2D SubArray Size
Initialize 2d Array
Pop SubArray from 2D Array
Push SubArray on 2D Array
Resize Array in 2D Array
Select Array in 2D Array
Select SubArray in 2D Array
Set SubArray in 2D Array

Curve Distance to Curve Location
Curve Location to Curve Distance
Curve Location to Normalized U
Fitted Bezier Curve
Normalized U to Curve Location

Build Arrow
Build Capsule
Build Circle
Build Cross
Build Debug Grid
Build Rectangle
Build Sphere
Build Square
Display Arrow
Display Line
Display Point


Transform Mesh
Turbulize Mesh

--Hull Deformer--
Deform by Hull
Find Hull Surface Point

Calculate Deformer Weights
Cleanup Painted Weights
Dual Quaternion Deformation

Apply Surface Stiffness
Blend Verlet Effect
Correct Edge Lengths
Inflate Volume
Init Verlet Geometry Data
Move Points Outside Geometry
Pin Point to Position
Simulate Mesh using Verlet Integration
Verlet Framework

Add Verlet Force
Add Verlet Forces
Restitution Force
Verlet Drag Force
Verlet Wind Force

Execute Once
Repeat with Counter
While with Counter

--Geometry Queries--
Reinterpret Location on New Geometry

Limit Vector Length
Quaternion nlerp


--Emission control--
Filter by Particle IDs
Offset Particle From Emitter

Get Location by Raycast
Get Next Particle Position
Get Next Particle
Get Particle Speed
Get Particle Transform
Get Prev Particle Position
Get Prev Particle

Set Particle Transform

Simulate Particles

Curl Strand
Display Strand Shape
Get Strand Length

--Strand Dynamics--
Add Strand Force
Add Strand Forces
Constrain To Guide Hairs
Curl Strand
Emit Filler Strands
Emit Strands
Init Strand Dynamics
Shape Strand With Curve
Simulate Strand using Verlet Integration
Stick Particle to Emit Location
Strand Drag Force
Strand Dynamics Framework
Strand Gravity Force
Strand Length Bidirectional Constraint
Strand Length Constraint
Strand Stiffness

Test Animated Value
Test Particle ID

Accessing Curves by Distance
Display Circle
Display Strand Shape
Fit Hermite Curve
Hull Deformer
Worley Noise