MT StrandNodes 2.6 + Sample Project

有人很佛心丟出了很多用 ice 製作的場景...有興趣的可以下載來研究研究...

After coming back from FMX convention last week I got a couple of emails asking for the sample scenes I showed at fmx. So here they are:

The project also includes two addons, which are necessary for the scenes. To get the scenes to work please
FIRST INSTALL THE ADDONS from the ADDONS subfolder of the project before OPENING THE SCENES.

1. The static instancer addon, with which you can create actual geometry out of particle instances
2. The StrandNodes addon, which has a couple of compiled nodes for strand simulation as well as a huge load of compounds for that purpose.

I extended on the strandnodes addon, to make it work with Softimage’s Hair, so there is a new toolbar (MT StrandNodes), with which you can quickly connect ICE to existing hair to do simulation with it. That way you can still use the hair styiling tools (brushes, combing etc) but animate / simulate using strands. Additionally I added a new dropdown entry on the “task” tab on the ice tree, called “Hair” which hosts all of the corresponding compounds.

I added sample scenes for strand simulation, hair simulation, two crowd setups, some ice based deformers, states driven setups such as a tree and the motion graphics content shown at FMX. Some scenes are well documented, others aren’t. So please don’t ask for a further explanation of the scenes, I won’t have time for that. If they are helpful to you, great, if they aren’t, nevermind. :)